Meetings without technique, only 35 minutes from Stockholm City.

The Tree Tent Colony

The Tree Tent Colony is a event and conference concept created from the increased need for genuine experiences, meetings and conversations in nature.

Research shows that we think better and are more creative, less stressed as well as happier when we spend time in nature. Therefore, the Tree Tent Colony provides the opportunity for a conference experience in the middle of nature, together with a high level of comfort and quality, and only 35 minutes from Stockholm.

You will stay in the forest, right beside a lake. When it is time for your conference, you can choose to have your meeting in a boat house or outside. We will then prepare a dinner that you can enjoy with a view out over the lake, together with the heat of a fire. When nighttime arrives, climb a 1.5 meter ladder up into the trees, where you will fall asleep in our comfortable tree tents under a star-covered sky.

The activities, meetings, overnight stays and our food is all about a genuine and authentic theme. We design your conference to your preferences and needs, and always offer locally produced food, the opportunity to have an inspiring conference without technical equipment and the chance to experience nature together, maybe on a horse, by foot with an alpaca or on a raft on a beautiful lake.

We can easily host groups of 12 persons, but depending on what activities and the way you prefer to have your conference meeting we can host larger groups. Please contact us for a request.

What the Tree Tent Colony offers is genuine, sustainable and absolutely wonderful.

Meetings without technology

Sometimes, in order to meet each other on a different level we need to put away our cellphones and computers.

At the Tree Tent Colony, you can have your meetings in the middle of nature on a rock or in Ekebovikens comfortable and charming boat house.


The activities we offer focus on nature, animals and well-being.

You can see our top recommendations below, but feel free to let us know if you have something else in mind. Normally, we can meet most requests.


  • Yoga: Start the morning with yoga as the sun rises.
  • Horseback riding: Want to go for a ride? The allergy-friendly Bashkir horses will take you on a nice ride in the fabulous nature of Sörmland. No experience needed.
  • Alpaca trekking: Relax by taking a walk with an alpaca and let yourself be enchanted by their peace.
  • Luxury dinner: Enjoy a luxurious and delicious 3-course dinner in a tipi tent.
  • Canoe: Paddle a canoe as a workout or for a peaceful experience outside in nature.
  • Fishing: Fish in the clean waters of lake Vällingen. There are plenty of bass and pike here.
  • Sauna: Enjoy the classic, Scandinavian wood heated sauna or try a tent-sauna, which can be placed pretty much anywhere. Maximum 10 people at the time.
  • Guest speakers: We have connections with the best guest speakers in Sweden.

We also offer

The Tree Tent Pop-up Colony

Sleeping in a tree tent is a comfortable and peaceful experience in the outdoors, and the very core of the Tree Tent Colony. The tents are usually set at a height of about 1.5 m in stable pine trees where you fall asleep to the sound of the wind in the treetops.

Tree Tent colony pop-ups offer the opportunity to take this unique experience to you. When, where and how is something that we will create together!

We will not affect the forest we are staying in. Tree tents do not harm the trees and leave no trace, so no one will be able to tell that we have even been there.